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VFind™ Security Toolkit Family

VSTK Box Image The VFind™ Security Toolkit Family of computer antivirus products offers so much more than just virus scanning. The tools in our VSTK family of products supports most popular operating systems including Windows, Linux (all versions), Solaris, AIX, IRIX, HPUX and others. CyberSoft is also able to support any operating system upon request. Our anti-virus, VSTK family of products includes a virus scanner with a fully published, accessible pattern analysis language and a cryptographic integrity tool for baseline management.
The VFind™ Security Toolkit provides tools to deal with hidden threats, self-repair, and more. Our products are also easy to integrate with any other programs.

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Avatar maintains the system baseline configuration. It does so by executing system security policies that act as an intrusion detection and response system. The most important function of Avatar is response - if the system baseline configuration is modified for any reason, it will be detected by Avatar and returned to the correct baseline configuration.
The value of Avatar's response system is that it enforces discipline via non-subjective automated process, which can execute many times per day.

Training Services

In addition to the most comprehensive computer security solutions, CyberSoft also offers training classes on using antivirus computer software. These classes are designed to enhance the use of VSTK in the Unix/Linux environment. In addition we provide antivirus consulting for our customers on how to optimize our products in their UNIX/Linux environments.

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