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Unpacking Instructions

All Unix filenames in this collection end in "tar.Z" - this indicates that these are Unix compressed tar files. You can un-compress and un-tar the file to recreate the source code directory. See the commands listed below for an example.

  • uncompress xxx.tar.Z
  • tar xvf xxx.tar

If you own a copy of CyberSoft's UAD tool, you can alternatively enter the following command:

  • uad -f xxx.tar.Z

Security Tools

Dan Farmer's UNIX Security Audit Tool

This is a great tool and it is available for free. Requires configuration and compilation. Refer to the readme for more details. Compressed tar file. If you like this tool you should also get a copy of the Texas A&M Tiger Script (see below).

Download COPS 1.04 (396 kB)

Crack Unix Password Hacking Tool

The classic UNIX Password cracking tool. All of the hackers use tools like this in order to break into sites - This tool allows you to find out which passwords on your system are easy to crack so you can change them. It is strongly recommended that you download the README document and read it prior to downloading Crack 5.0. This download is very large; if you are notsure you need it or don't have the disk space/modem bandwidth for it, then download Crack 4.1.

Download Crack 5.0 (3.1 MB)
Download Crack 5.0 README (30.6 kB)
Download Crack 4.1 (103 kB)

Texas A&M University UNIX Security Audit Tools

This collection contains both the UNIX and LINUX versions. Please note that all gzip files have been uncompressed into their base format and all PGP references have been removed. Compressed tar file. You can obtain the originals via anonymous FTP from If you like this tool you should also get a copy of COPS (see above).

Download Tiger 2.2.3 (959 kB)

Pete Radatti's "PeteLogs"

These are text files demonstrating just how easy it is to install and use UNIX computer security software. Includes examples on using ftp to download from the CERT, installing COPS, and the Internet Security Scanner. Compressed tar file.

Download PeteLogs (9.5 kB)

Double Speed Data Dumper

Just like the Unix "dd" command, but much faster. Just the thing for high speed disk image backups to tape/network. Can be used with VFind (-stdin) for fast scans of tape/floppy. The author states that the program won't work in the United States but we don't believe him!

Download Double Speed Data Dumper (16.5 kB)

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