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In the field of antivirus, computer security, CyberSoft is a niche player - we do one thing and we do it very well. We solve problems. Specifically computer security problems - such as virus attacks, hacking, data theft, etc.

So how can we help you?

Self Healing

Our Avatar tool, which is part of the VFind™ Security Toolkit Professional, provides self-repair - including coded verification of your system baseline. Avatar uses a compiled read-only database that includes security rules along with replacement files.

File Integrity & Event Monitoring

Using a highly-secure encryption process, the Cryptographic Integrity Tool (CIT) - found in all of our VFind™ Security Toolkits can be used to verify the contents of any file, or external volume and will alert you anytime a specific file or volume has been altered. CIT will report on what is actually happening on a system, and compiles a text-based report for easy reading and parsing.

Data Spill Clean-up

The VFind™ pattern analysis program (available in all of our VFind™ Security Toolkits) can not only be used for antivirus scanning, it is fully programmable by the end user. With our CVDL language if you can think of it, you can scan for it.

We are the only company to support antivirus on all major UNIX platforms (including Solaris, HPUX, AIX, IRIX, Linux, SCO UnixWare, and BSDi), if you're looking for a robust security toolkit that detects all forms of attacks, our VFind™ Security Toolkit family of products are sure to be the solution to your computer security needs.

While most computer security manufacturers create complicated, monolithic programs, all of our products contain individual tools that are easy to install, configure, and use. Our customers constantly surprise us with new uses for the tools in our VFind™ Security Toolkit line. Each component can stand alone or be linked together as "software objects" with our other tools, and the only restriction is the imagination of the user. The use of standard input/output and "smart scan" make any third-party interface to our products simple and efficient. We can also port to any UNIX system upon request.

By itself, VFind™ is a powerful general purpose pattern analysis tool that can be used to scan every byte of every file for any type of data you need to locate. Because of the strength of our general scan it has great benefits in virus scanning. We release VDL updates at a minimum of four per week. These databases include patterns for Microsoft, UNIX, Linux, Java, Macintosh and any other type of attack we can obtain samples for - these patterns are for viruses that are found in operation globally, not from "virus zoo" found on a hacker web site. CyberSoft will also put out pandemic warnings with database updates as soon as we can determine one exists. We took care the IloveYou virus by 8:30 AM EST on the day it struck. We did similarly with the LoveLetter and AnnaKournikova viruses. We had a code for the Nimda-A virus weeks before it struck (since we got it before it even had a name, we called it the Readme virus).

While there are some effectual antivirus products on the market, they are not as versatile as our toolkits. For example, an anti virus product only scans for viruses, assuming that the files it scans are identifiable by the file names themselves - it cannot break down the file bit-by-bit to identify the type of file by it's contents, nor can it report on all files that have been added, deleted, modified or duplicated. If you also add the disinfection of macro-viruses from OLE documents - such as Microsoft Office documents - then you have one powerful toolkit!

All of our products use as little System Administrator time as possible. They are easy to install and maintain - whenever possible, the products operate without human intervention and perform their work in the background. The installation instructions for the UNIX version of our toolkits are to execute the "install" script.

Our products assume little to nothing about the environment that they are operating in. We assume that all systems are under attack at all times, and that nothing can be trusted.

Consultation and Technical Support

CyberSoft consulting services can provide full service computer security design, selection, implementation, and use of computer security software. This often takes the form of advice on how to save money and time by configuring our software in unique ways that fulfill custmer needs.

CyberSoft support is legendary. We have received many accolades from our customers for the level of support we provide which goes beyond what many other computer security companies are willing to provide. We provide troubleshooting of software integration problems with our products, assistance in forensics, and of course assistance with all of our utility software.

For all your computer security needs, CyberSoft is the key.

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